Stolik Zarezerwowany

Throughout the last century a number of Warsaw cafes made history. They served as meeting spots for poets and painters at the beginning of the century, full of cigarette smoke eateries where Polish pop icons of the 60s and 70s enjoyed themselves and the bars where leaders of Solidarity movement met during the pre-election period of 1989. The book “Stolik zarezerwowany” (Reserved Table) tells the story of over a dozen of these cafes. As almost all the pictures were black and white the book is printed in two spot colors — dark blue and red and – and it has a handy guidebook format. Beside the book, each cafe of the past was commemorated with a framed bill hung in one of Warsaw’s modern bars or cafes. The idea was to show these old cafes’ connection with present times and to indicate the important role that such places play in the city.

A picture of a man looking straight into the camera lens while sipping a coffee was chosen as an iconic cover image. A geometrical mark of two crossed tables was also developed and used as an ornament and logotype both in the book and posters.