New Polityka Insight

Two years after it was originally launched, the existing design of Polityka Insight no longer matched its content. Together with the front-end developer and designer, Ilya Navumenka and the editorial team, we redesigned the service from the ground up. The aim was to position PI as a tool for professional research, as well as to build a consistent experience across all touchpoints – website (desktop, mobile), e-mail newsletters and print.

We started with a completely new structure – content is now organised around concrete topics instead of vague sections, which makes articles easier to find and circulate longer on the site.

The top of the homepage was also overhauled to present all daily content in one place – the latest long-form analyses, brief news stories, calendar, currency prices and stock listings.

After previously being solely a typographical template, we set up rules for limited photo use to promote specific sections on the website.

We rethought and improved all design elements. Type families Whitney and Chronicle by Hoefler & Co. were selected for their professional yet friendly feel and their outstanding legibility on screen. Use of icons was limited to the most important functions of the site and all icons now fit the pixel grid perfectly. A new color code for sections using more saturated hues, as well as a new broad color palette for infographics, were introduced.