Tap Water Campaign

Tap water in Warsaw is suitable for drinking but most people don’t know about it. For my graduation project I chose to design a social campaign to spread awareness.

The campaign, straight forwardly called “You can drink”, had two major parts. The first is meant to tease the viewer. It consists of illustrated characters of a glass and a bottle, accompanied with a bold headline copy. It’s meant to entertain and intrigue the viewer. The characters appear on posters, flyer covers, t-shirts etc. Most of the materials are designed on a white background to emphasize clarity and a scientific approach.

The second part was all about information. Materials like infographics and ideograms communicate the advantages of tap water. The informational part connects with the rest of the materials by using shapes characteristic for the display type. Custom headline typeface, set of icons, collection of illustrated characters and the logotype are among graphical elements of the campaign.

The project won the 2012 Brand New Award.